FEI Dressage European Championship
Bronze Medalist - Children Category
San Giovanni, Italy | July 2019

The Athlete

Horse riding professionally since seven years old, Annabelle is the first Asian – based athlete to qualify for FEI European Youth Riders Championships. Recently awarded the title of Global Youth Champion when she earned the highest score in the World Dressage Challenge, Annabelle is coming into her own and being a great contender in the world of female sports stars. She is also tagged as the youngest rider in history who entered and competed in the 2018 Intermediare I Competition and 2018 Prix St. George. She aspires to be among the world’s famous sports personalities who not only excels in Equestrian riding but inspires other young women to live their dreams.

The Entrepreneur

Apart from her social contributions and athletic pursuits as a female sports competitor and personality, Annabelle is a budding entrepreneur who’s determined to develop products that will improve and benefit the lives of others. Splitting her time between horse riding in Singapore and Denmark, she still finds it a great joy to delve into solving problems that could help others lead a better and more meaningful life.

The Philanthropist

Annabelle has grown to become an engaging personality through her volunteer work and passion for community service engagements. Annabelle aims to help create a collective society advocating for the environment, underprivileged women and children, and people with disabilities. Her contributions have spanned across Singapore, Indonesia and India, and she hopes to use her platform as an equestrian rider to help as many people and causes as she can.

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