Annabelle's Story

At a very young age, Annabelle Rehn is considered as one of the most accomplished athletes of her generation. She is a gold medalist, an aspirational entrepreneur and a committed young philanthropist. Having grand ambitions to participate in the Olympics like many of her famous role models and female athletes, she aspires to one day be a top athlete and the best Equestrian rider in the sport.

Riding professionally since seven years old, Annabelle is the first Asian-based athlete to qualify for FEI European Youth Riders Championships. She was recently awarded the title of Global Youth Champion when she earned the highest score in the World Dressage Challenge in January 2019. Annabelle is tagged as the youngest rider in history who entered and competed in the 2018 Intermediare I Competition and 2018 Prix St. George, which were held in Singapore.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Annabelle and her family moved to Singapore at the tender age of 11. A true prodigy – she excels in her studies, competes in cross-country races and trains six times a week with her horses. In whatever she does, she strives to do her best and rarely admits defeat when faced with challenges.

Annabelle prides herself on having a strong, nurturing relationship with her horses. Never-failing to shine in every competition, she has defeated several professional youth and adult equestrians. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to this sport embody her hopes of spreading the joy in riding and raising awareness on the professional level of equestrianism in Singapore. She proved many times that she is a top athlete as well as a strong competitor in Equestrian riding. 

Aside from her grit and resolute in her chosen sports, what sets Annabelle apart is her compassion and dedication to give back. Determined to help in bettering the lives of others through good health and well-being, quality education and gender equality, she is also a passionate activist of The UN Global Goals. 

A teenager with big dreams and an even bigger heart to make a difference in the world, that’s Annabelle.

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