More about the idea behind SplashBand

With drowning being the second leading cause of death in children aged 1-14, it is a worldwide issue that needs a tech solution. A recent study showed that parents spend an average of 5 hours a day worrying about their children, and with drowning statistics so high, allowing their children to go swimming gives parents the constant fear that something might happen to them. 

With SplashBand, we are not only aiming to reduce near drowning deaths, but also near drowning instances to eliminate the fear and stress that so many parents experience the moment their children ask, “Can we go lay in the water?”

Potential market segments

The product is targeted for two market segments:

1. B2B model - families with children: The market ranges from families living in residencies with swimming facilities to families living near water in a lake or beach house.

2. B2B2C model - waterparks, commercial swimming pools, cruise liners.
The market supports higher brand credibility and safety for businesses attempting to reduce liability ┬┤with a best in class SplashBand.

The story

"After a tough workout training for the Youth European Championships, I was in the swimming pool recovering, exhausted and felt as if I could drown. That was when I had realised I was unsupervised. This sparked a scary thought, "What if I really did drown?"

From research, I confirmed the needs for a solution to reduce near drownings and drownings, and after patenting, SplashBand is ready for commercialisation."

- Founder, Annabelle Rehn

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