The Philanthropist

The privilege to give back

By contributing to the well-being of others, Annabelle finds more meaning in life. As a professional athlete, she believes she has been given the privilege and opportunity to create a positive impact in the world. 

Through her volunteer work and passion for community service engagements, Annabelle aims to help create a collective society advocating for the environment, underprivileged women and children, and people with disabilities.

While Annabelle is driven by her compassion and huge heart to serve others, she’s convinced that handouts are not the only option. She believes the world will not change alone and what it truly needs are people who will build solutions to the problem. 

In her own little ways, the young equestrian hopes to be a voice of change.

Humanitarian Involvements

UWCSEA Environmental Stewardship Council, Singapore
In May 2018, Annabelle contributed to activities with focus on improving the environment towards a sustainable future.
May 2018
Magic Bus, India
Annabelle spent two days in Mumbai and interacted with local students. She visited and contributed to small-scale NGOs operating classroom from homes.
January 2017
Riding for disabled Charity, Malaysia
Annabelle created and painted donated horseshoes and sold items with donated equine art work at the National horse show in Ipoh. All her earnings from the event was donated to RDA Malaysia.
April 2016
World Vision International
Annabelle gave contributions from her personal allowance to support the organisation’s cause in helping women and children in need. She also donated medical, school and animal supplies.
December 2009-2016​

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